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Special for Valentine's Day especially for you!

We give you a great opportunity to purchase a gift for the holiday on February 14 with very favorable conditions! When purchasing wholesale perfumes in our Sweet Kiss store in the amount of 10,000 hryvnia or more, you get a 10% bonus, as well as free delivery from us to anywhere in Ukraine.

You can order replicas and elite versions of branded fragrances of the best quality from us. This type of product is extremely popular all over the world, because it is impossible not to find a person who does not like to create his own unique image with the help of a special aroma.

All perfumed products that you can find in our Sweet Kiss online store are made from high-quality raw materials that factories purchase from French manufacturers. Remember that it is always better to take care of the gifts in advance, especially in case of favorable discounts, so that on the eve of the holiday you will be fully prepared and not forget to congratulate your loved one!

Uncovering the Secrets of Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts.

Nice bonuses from Sweet Kiss!

The popularity of the event on February 14 is far from accidental - it was this day that became rich in cultural heritage and firmly established the traditions that are still observed. People are looking forward to this day in order to make a cute gift to their loved ones and write a confession on "Valentine".
Giving perfume for a special occasion is a classic example of courtesy and consideration. This product is successful in that it is presented not only to their halves, but also just to good acquaintances, work colleagues and friends.

Also, an important advantage of such a gift is that if the person being gifted does not have a perfume, he will get it, and if he even has a large collection, it will be replenished with another fragrant item.

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So what are the principles to be followed when choosing perfumery as a presentation?

Who do you give a gift to? 

The arsenal of the Sweet Kiss online perfumery store has a large assortment of perfumed products that will be appropriate both for dear, close people, and for the professional circle of people, work colleagues, whose friends you also want to please by the Day of February 14.

If the gift is exclusively for a man?

As a rule, buyers, when considering the idea of ​​a perfume as a gift for a man, prefer more woody, heavier scents that are distinguished by a deep composition. However, the nature of the person being gifted should be taken into account. The collection of perfumed products Sweet Kiss has a wide selection of perfumes, with which you will definitely find something you need.

If a gift is being prepared for a girl?

Of course, Sweet Kiss experts recommend choosing bright and playful compositions for girls, again, guided by the type of character and preferences. However, in addition to the scent itself, for beautiful ladies, we recommend choosing a gift-perfume in a "handbag" format. Such a cute and beautiful presentation for Valentine's Day will immediately come to her taste and will cause a sweet smile.

A wide range of men's and women's perfumes in our store is able to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes, because here you can find both classic aromas and rare niche compositions. Even if the person being gifted is completely sophisticated and possesses a large collection of perfumes, he will definitely be pleased to receive some new perfume as a gift for February 14.

What to present to your girlfriend for Valentine's Day?

For young people who choose a present for their beloved girls, we recommend choosing a gift for February 14 that is consonant with the aura of romance and confessions. Perfume, as a symbol of tenderness, is able to convey mood and even fall in love with yourself, as well as maintain a romantic atmosphere.

The Sweet Kiss online store offers an interesting series that will please your loved one. We are talking about a series of branded perfume gift bags. For example, Victoria's Secret Bombshell 50 ml will be very useful for a gentle girl. A pleasant fruity-floral aroma will give her a magical mood on a winter February day!

And what to give a girl for your boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

Men are distinguished by their seriousness, severity and calm disposition. A win-win option for a Valentine's Day gift would be Paco Rabanne Invictus 50 ml. This watery woody scent will be appropriate both for sports personalities who cannot imagine their life without dynamics, and for businessmen who are immersed in daily business issues and are limited in time.

Also, do not forget that in the wide assortment of the Sweet Kiss online store there is a wide selection of unisex perfumes. This perfume can be presented not only to your soul mate, but also if you just want to please some of your friends on February 14th.

For example, Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 eau de parfum, 50 ml, has an uncommon oriental musk sillage that will sound appropriate for both men and women. Ambroxan notes are rightfully considered the top component, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 is loved by both the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity and its stronger half.

The team of the Sweet Kiss perfume online store wishes you a lot of exciting events and purchases! And we, for our part, will help you with choosing a fragrant gift for a loved one. You will be satisfied with the quality and our service!