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Логотип интернет магазина sweetkiss
21 July 2020
Спасибо за духи, они великолепны, ароматы просто супер и стойкие очень, класс!
21 July 2020
Получил этот шар!) Как по мне - аромат легкого цитруса и карамели, сидит близко к телу, не навязчивый, можно сказать унисекс, флакон тяжелый, сделан добротно, стойкость не очень Подойдет на все случаи, как для вечерних свиданий, так и для занятий спортом Брал по скидке
21 July 2020
Це улюблений парфум мого чоловіка, завжди купляли за кордоном, та цього разу ризикнули купити на цьому сайті і не прогадали. Запах,, рідний,, і досить стійкий. Єдина різниця в ціні і дизайні коробки. Рекомендую
22 July 2020
Стойкие и красивые как цветы, слышала этот аромат каждый день в маршрутке, и у соседки недавно появились, поинтересовалась где брала, и когда заказала, счатью моему не было предела.
21 July 2020
Купила несколько пробничков этой новой для меня марки. Несколько взяла и для мужа. И вот именно этот аромат просто влюбил в себя! Муж очень любит и ежедневно использует свежие ароматы. Его самый любимый до сих пор был Аzzaro Сhrome и найти что то подобное никак не могли.
21 July 2020
Парфуми коштують своїх грошей. Стійкість хороша(тримається приблизно півдня). Свіжий запах. Покупкою задоволений)
21 October 2020
Купила духи на подарок, чтоб не искать отдельно подарочный пакет. Очень удобно, и классно. Вообщем все круто
21 October 2020
Отличный парфюм на подарок
10 November 2020
Парфум шикарный прекрасный шлей как для меня восточные сладости
10 November 2020
Парфюм прекрасний, ні на що не схожий, свій оригінальний аромат, користувалася на роботі, то всі питали що за парфюм, класний, шлейфовий!!
Frequently asked Questions
In this section you can get acquainted with the most common mistakes or questions when purchasing goods
How to order testers?

To buy perfumery wholesale or retail in Ukraine, just click on "Buy" in the product or "Add to cart" in the product category. They pay for the goods by cash on delivery, cash upon delivery by courier or transfer to a Privatbank card.

What are the delivery methods?

Delivery is carried out to any city in Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporozhye. In Odessa, the order is transported by a courier. Nova Poshta delivers a batch of branded perfumery wholesale to other cities. At the request of the client, we attract In-Time, Autolux, Mist Express.

How to choose a perfume?

By skin type For your first taste of the scent, drip some perfume on a strip of paper. Put the second drop on your wrist, just do not rub it into the skin: it can change the scent beyond recognition. The smell that you smell the very first is called the top notes.

Why choose us?
  • Only quality perfume testers!
  • Affordable prices from the manufacturer.
  • Several delivery methods in Kiev and all over Ukraine - free, depending on the amount of the order, and without prepayment.
  • Favorable conditions for wholesale buyers.
  • Help of consultants on any issue, description of each product.
  • The ability to add multiple shipping addresses to make orders in a few clicks in the future!
  • Individual emails with exclusive promotions and offers for regular customers.
What are the payment methods?

1. Cash payment upon receipt of the order

If you do not want to pay for the order in advance, you have the opportunity to pay the courier in cash at the time of receiving the parcel. To make the process as comfortable as possible for you and the courier, we recommend that you prepare the required amount in advance.

2. Cashless payment at checkout

Holders of Visa and MasterCard cards can pay in full for the order at the time of its registration. This payment option will save time when receiving the parcel. When meeting with a courier, pickup point or post office managers, you just need to pick up the order, having previously provided a document confirming the identity of the recipient.

3. Payment in cash at the pick-up point

There are pick-up points in Odessa, which allow you to pick up your order at the most convenient place for you. When placing an order, you need to indicate the delivery option by choosing one of the proposed pickup points from 7 km. Please note: at pick-up points, only cash can be settled. To pay with a payment card, you need to choose a convenient payment method at the checkout stage.

4. Payment in cash upon receipt at post offices and points of delivery of parcels

When receiving a parcel at the offices of New Mail, Ukrposhta, Intime, Mist Express, Justin or Autolux, you can pay only in cash. Thus, you pay exclusively for the amount of the order without hidden fees, commissions and services of transport companies.

What if the wrong tester came?
  1. If, upon receipt of the parcel, the delivered goods do not correspond to the order, the courier or manager at the pick-up point, upon your request, will pick it up and return the payment. At the point of delivery of parcels of partner postal services and when receiving a parcel from the EU, it is also possible to return, but not individual items, but the entire parcel.
  2. If the problem is discovered later, briefly describe the situation, attach a photo or video of the product that you purchased from us and would like to return by sending an email to info@sweetkiss.com.ua.
You have low prices, can I not worry about the quality of the goods?

We sell all perfumes only from the manufacturer. Testers, car fragrances, only high-quality products that undergo a very thorough analysis.

How can I get a price list?

You can in the Cooperation section fill out a form to receive a wholesale price list or write to us at info@sweetkiss.com.ua to send price lists. You can also subscribe to update price lists and receive them to your E-mail.


Quality perfumery wholesale from Sweetkiss

Having your own perfume business is very lucky for you, because you can keep abreast of all new trends and choose a fragrance according to your mood every day. You, of course, are not on the medical portal, but the positive properties of pleasant smells have a great effect on the psyche, and this is worth mentioning. Perhaps your life will sparkle with a new key if you change the liquid in the bottle;) The change of seasons affects the body dramatically. For some, it begins with psychologist sessions, while others find a way out in shopping. And any new period of life is good to start with updates. This also applies to the smells around you. So that at any time you can feel the familiar, pleasant notes of flowers and apply them to yourself. At such moments, good perfumery is especially important and valuable. Wholesale in the sweetkiss.com.ua store is an option to save money and nerves for true connoisseurs of fragrant compositions. Therefore, if you are a true shopaholic who wants to have everything at once, you will certainly be pleased with our assortment and pricing policy. But if you are an entrepreneur, you definitely need to cooperate with us, because these are some advantages, but about them a little later.

Imagine how comfortable it is when mood gusts are displayed on the skin with notes of flowers, fruits, spices, resins and even wood.

Stop calculating in your head how much it will cost to go along with your preferences for aromas, because there are no more favorable conditions than in our online store. By visiting the site sweetkiss.com.ua, you will know about the latest products from popular brands, and the desire to buy perfumery wholesale will become irresistible. Give in to the feeling of discovering new compositions collected in a bouquet from TM Prada, Chanel, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, Lanvin, Gucci and many others. These brands are hard to resist. After all, their aromas are known to the whole world. And, also, they are worn by many representatives of show business, representatives of famous fashion houses. Commercials with the products of these brands fully convey the depth of the main notes and even seem to have a feeling of a trail aftertaste. Many continue to puzzle over gifts to loved ones.

Types and benefits

“Through the smell” - this is how the word perfumery is translated from French. It includes different types of flavored products, which differ in the concentration of odoriferous substances, alcohol content and persistence.

  • Perfume - contains the highest concentration of essential oils (15-30% and more), which ensures maximum durability - up to 5 hours.
  • Eau de parfum is almost as persistent as the previous type due to the 10-20% concentration of odorous substances.
  • Eau de toilette - we have a less pungent and persistent odor, since the oil content in it does not exceed 10%.

Perfumery is not only the spirits and waters we are used to, this group of products includes scented gels, deodorants, body creams and oils. If such products have different types of odors that cause dissonance, then the magic of even an elite perfume will be broken. But the modern assortment is striking in the variety and quantity of products, which are classified according to many indicators, so a logical question arises: how to choose your scent from all this?