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How should a real man smell?

How should a real man smell?

Yes, some representatives of the strong half of humanity are sure that a natural, natural smell (whatever it may be) should come from them. Pheromones will do their job anyway, and it is not necessary to smell of fragrances from famous brands.

But today, when socialization has reached, it seems, its apotheosis, men's perfumery is very popular. Men themselves, realizing that fragrances in the modern world decide a lot, can buy such a product, as well as the fair sex for their surrounding men (for whom such a present, of course, will not be too intimate).

And separately we will say that entrepreneurs can arrange their purchases at Sweetkiss, because the wholesale prices in our store will pleasantly please you and save your budget.


If a man loves with his eyes, then a woman loves with his ears and smell. If a lady of our time does not like the scent of a man, then you can put an end to the relationship (without even starting it).

Of course, the very natural smells, from which everything begins, in fact, play a huge role. And the perfume on each body "sounds" differently. So it turns out that the same scent, but on different men, may differ.

If the fair sex likes to experiment, constantly replenish their dressing tables with new fragrances, then men choose those products (this applies to everything) that have been proven over the years.

However, those who trust, for example, the taste of their women, quite accept some new scents from them as a gift.

Oddly enough, but men's perfumery in its abundance of options surprises no less than women's. And if a man chooses a fragrance, this 100% means that he wants to attract the attention of some lady he likes. So, according to polls of women, we suggest which smells conquer their minds:

  1. Diesel Only The Brave is a real hit. Women feel that such a scent is used only by confident men who set high goals for themselves and boldly achieve them. Such a fragrance, to some extent, impudent, it emphasizes masculinity and clearly demonstrates the love of freedom, it excites and, what can we say in silence, excites. Men feel much more confident if their body exudes this scent.
  2. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is a collection of contradictions. This eau de parfum is unisex, suitable for both men and women, only the fragrance sounds different to everyone. Due to its contrast, the scent is designed to generate a variety of thoughts in the mind of the one who is nearby. You will remain an unidentified mystery, they will see in you the totality of those qualities that you want to see. Yes, if you buy men's perfumery with this approach, you will certainly conquer any, even the most difficult, peaks.
  3. Ferrari Scuderia Ferrari Red - the charisma of men who prefer this fragrance is undeniable. It smells not just good, but luxurious and insanely expensive. It emphasizes the elegant, delicate taste of its owner. Fresh aromas are incredibly cool combined with spicy notes, complemented by woody notes and an extraordinary "aftertaste".

In general, it is possible for a very long time to list the smells that affect the fair sex in some unusual way. Among them are Christian Dior Fahrenheit, Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Diamond Limited Edition, Lacoste Essential, and Kenzo LEau Par Colors Pour Homme ...

The most important thing is that this is not all men's perfumery. You can easily buy quality products in Ukraine in our store. And, believe me, our experienced specialists will certainly offer you those aromas that will be appropriate in your particular case.

We will definitely select for you individually perfumes, and also tell you which product is most in demand among customers, in case you are in the perfume business.


The career component for modern men is, if not key, then very important. Not only the level of income, but also the social status of a man will depend on professional knowledge, skills and abilities.

As practice shows, not all men (unfortunately) feel the difference between "daytime" and "evening" perfume.

What can we say about fragrances, which may not be appropriate at all in the office or, for example, at a business meeting. So that you do not have to blush and feel uncomfortable in any given situation, we will tell you how to choose a perfume for work.

  • Perfume for work - refuse. Leave them better for the evening. Eau de parfum and toilet water is what you need. High content of essential oils is not an option for the job. You yourself know that men's perfumery is distinguished by rather rich aromas. And they, in a working environment, are generally useless. Also, if you suddenly decide to use the oils themselves or solid perfumes, you can even be sure that these products can stain your office clothes.
  • Sexy scents are exclusively evening time. And even if somewhere at work there is a woman whom you really want to please, it is better, after all, to refrain from attracting attention in this way. Have the courage and invite her on a date, offer to take her home, invite her to dinner ... In general, there are a lot of options to win over a modern lady. And to do this through a bright perfume at work is bad manners.
  • Look for "your" scent. Many people know that if you feel a perfume on yourself, it means that it is not very suitable for you. Also, if you chose perfume not by personal preference, but by someone's advice (or given to you), and you don't really like the water. The aroma will constantly knock you off the working harmony, draw attention to yourself, distract from the process. Therefore, it is very important to find and buy men's perfumery in Ukraine, which will best suit your taste. And by the way, there are certain smells that contribute, for example, to an increase in efficiency, increase the overall tone of the body, some improve memory, allow you to wake up ... Sweetkiss specialists will definitely tell you which perfume notes will have a beneficial effect on your work.
  • Do not overdo it. Well, you've probably heard an expression like, "Poured a barrel of cologne over myself." You don't want your colleagues to give you an underground nickname "Perfume Factory"? Jokes as a joke, but knowledge and a sense of proportion is very important. Therefore, if you do not know how to apply perfume, be sure to study this topic.

If you have never thought about what scent you "wear" to work, now is the time to do it. Our shop of men's perfumery and women's fragrances is a real find for those who want to choose water in accordance with certain reasons, on any occasion, based not only on their tastes, but also on their mood.

The wide range is your opportunity to completely renew your dressing table or replenish the shelves in your store, in case you are an entrepreneur.

If a perfume for men, then only in Sweetkiss

Finding the perfect fragrances is sometimes an impossible task for representatives of the strong half of humanity. It is simply difficult for someone to choose in abundance, someone does not understand smells, someone simply does not like to go shopping ... In general, everything is in a classic form.

At the same time, thanks to Sweetkiss, you can make your life much easier by shopping, for example, sitting in the office or relaxing after a hard day at home.

We have a variety of men's perfumes. The Sweetkiss online store has combined offers in its catalogs that cannot be passed by with a calm heart and soul.

Of course, you will have a great desire to buy all this. And what can we say here? Don't hold yourself back. Men, there is never too much perfume! Just don't think that we have changed our point of view and are talking about the amount of "poured on ourselves" products. We are about your own collection.

Be sure to think about what kind of water you need, for what purpose you plan to buy it. So, for example, for the daytime it will be one perfume for men, for the evening - another, for dates - the third, for work - the fourth, for a business meeting - the fifth ... And so on.

Also, consider your mood and the images you create. Believe me, even jeans and a T-shirt will "look" differently depending on what scent you exude.

The world of fragrances is something unreal. If you think about how many brands and famous brands create new scents every year, it's hard to imagine how they can do it at all. From the outside, it even somehow looks like magic, when all familiar plants turn into some kind of extraordinary fragrances that can be applied to the body.

A high-quality men's perfume cannot be confused with anything. This water is often characterized by freshness and, at the same time, persistence, spice and restraint, sweetness and bitterness. Such a set of contradictions perfectly reflects the rich inner world of men.

And if you are looking for perfume, then, of course, in Sweetkiss.