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FAQ - (Frequently asked Questions)

In this section you can get acquainted with the most common mistakes or questions when purchasing goods
How to order testers?

To buy perfumery wholesale or retail in Ukraine, just click on "Buy" in the product or "Add to cart" in the product category. They pay for the goods by cash on delivery, cash upon delivery by courier or transfer to a Privatbank card.

What are the delivery methods?

Delivery is carried out to any city in Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporozhye. In Odessa, the order is transported by a courier. Nova Poshta delivers a batch of branded perfumery wholesale to other cities. At the request of the client, we attract In-Time, Autolux, Mist Express.

How to choose a perfume?

By skin type For your first taste of the scent, drip some perfume on a strip of paper. Put the second drop on your wrist, just do not rub it into the skin: it can change the scent beyond recognition. The smell that you smell the very first is called the top notes.

Why choose us?
  • Only quality perfume testers!
  • Affordable prices from the manufacturer.
  • Several delivery methods in Kiev and all over Ukraine - free, depending on the amount of the order, and without prepayment.
  • Favorable conditions for wholesale buyers.
  • Help of consultants on any issue, description of each product.
  • The ability to add multiple shipping addresses to make orders in a few clicks in the future!
  • Individual emails with exclusive promotions and offers for regular customers.
What are the payment methods?

1. Cash payment upon receipt of the order

If you do not want to pay for the order in advance, you have the opportunity to pay the courier in cash at the time of receiving the parcel. To make the process as comfortable as possible for you and the courier, we recommend that you prepare the required amount in advance.

2. Cashless payment at checkout

Holders of Visa and MasterCard cards can pay in full for the order at the time of its registration. This payment option will save time when receiving the parcel. When meeting with a courier, pickup point or post office managers, you just need to pick up the order, having previously provided a document confirming the identity of the recipient.

3. Payment in cash at the pick-up point

There are pick-up points in Odessa, which allow you to pick up your order at the most convenient place for you. When placing an order, you need to indicate the delivery option by choosing one of the proposed pickup points from 7 km. Please note: at pick-up points, only cash can be settled. To pay with a payment card, you need to choose a convenient payment method at the checkout stage.

4. Payment in cash upon receipt at post offices and points of delivery of parcels

When receiving a parcel at the offices of New Mail, Ukrposhta, Intime, Mist Express, Justin or Autolux, you can pay only in cash. Thus, you pay exclusively for the amount of the order without hidden fees, commissions and services of transport companies.

What if the wrong tester came?
  1. If, upon receipt of the parcel, the delivered goods do not correspond to the order, the courier or manager at the pick-up point, upon your request, will pick it up and return the payment. At the point of delivery of parcels of partner postal services and when receiving a parcel from the EU, it is also possible to return, but not individual items, but the entire parcel.
  2. If the problem is discovered later, briefly describe the situation, attach a photo or video of the product that you purchased from us and would like to return by sending an email to info@sweetkiss.com.ua.
You have low prices, can I not worry about the quality of the goods?

We sell all perfumes only from the manufacturer. Testers, car fragrances, only high-quality products that undergo a very thorough analysis.

How can I get a price list?

You can in the Cooperation section fill out a form to receive a wholesale price list or write to us at info@sweetkiss.com.ua to send price lists. You can also subscribe to update price lists and receive them to your E-mail.