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Perfume TESTER 50ml

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Eau de Parfum Tester 50ml is the original perfume from the manufacturer, imported from the UAE. The collection includes niche and classic fragrances. Testers are no different from original perfumes: they were made for marketing, non-commercial use.

The cost of the set has been reduced due to the fact that the perfumes are supplied in craft, and not in the original packaging.

For more than 20 years, SweetKiss has been importing persistent, natural perfumes with high-quality sillage and composition.

Quality 50ml perfume testers

Taking into account the trends of the perfumery market, we decided to make a separate category in our catalog “Perfume testers 50 ml”. Why did testers become so popular and we hear about them more and more often? The whole feature is in the very name & mdash; These are miniature versions of popular perfumes that brands specifically create to familiarize customers with fragrances. They are cheaper due to the manufacturers' savings on packaging, but they are identical in quality. It is not profitable for manufacturers to underestimate the quality of the mini versions, as this will be a big blow to the brand image.

It is for this reason that people now prefer to buy perfume testers, because it saves money quite well, while the difference is only in the packaging. Another plus for & mdash; This is the volume of the bottle, the 50 ml tester is ideal to take with you, because it fits even in the smallest bag.

If you are in search of your own perfume, the low cost of 50 ml per tester will allow you to buy several fragrances at once for review. The main thing in the search is to understand your preferences in fragrances and a positive attitude.

What doubts arise when buying testers?

We understand that in order to buy an inexpensive perfume of 50 ml, you need to be 100 percent sure of their quality. We declare with absolute confidence that you shouldn't worry. In the production of original perfume and 50 ml testers, the same perfume concentrate is used. They are also produced at the same plant, the difference, as we already wrote above, will be only in volume and packaging.

If you still hesitate to buy 50 ml perfume testers or not, then feel free to cast aside all doubts.

Why should you have trial versions in your store?

The answer to this question is very simple. Perfume samplers will allow your customers to fully enjoy the original scent without touching the expensive perfume. This will allow you to preserve the presentation and integrity of the product. Agree that most buyers will refuse to purchase a bottle that has been repeatedly opened and used.

The prime cost of the sample, especially in the case of a wholesale purchase, will be scanty and it will not be a pity to use them to demonstrate the aroma. Customers are much more willing to go to stores where they allow them to fully taste the perfume, which gives a significant plus to customer loyalty.

These factors alone prove how beneficial mini versions are for increasing sales. But take very seriously the fact that 50 ml perfume runs out quickly. If your perfume business is in its early stages, then try to purchase a sufficient number of testers. We recommend buying two or three trial versions for one fragrance at once. In any case, even if they are not used up, you can safely sell them at the cost of the testers.

As a result, we understand that test versions of perfumery are an excellent solution for those who want to get quality products without unnecessary spending.

Sweetkiss online store provides original perfume testers for men and women. We are constantly expanding our assortment with incredible perfume compositions from famous brands. By purchasing perfumery products in our store you get excellent quality at affordable prices. You can buy a 50 ml tester at retail and wholesale with delivery to any region of Ukraine.